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Locon is your ideal source for custom, high temperature, and miniature capacitive sensors. We carry an array of sensor solutions for the following applications:

Mobile Equipment – Highly resistant sensors for use in the field, whether in wet conditions, high temperature areas or in other inclement conditions. Harsh Environment – These sensors provide accurate readings even in rough conditions, including high and low temperatures, heavy weather or other influencing factors.
Small Part Detection – Detection devices to detect the presence of precision-crafted parts for quality control and detailed features. Packaging – Visual sensors to confirm the presence of solid or liquid materials in a wide variety of production and manufacturing settings.
Printing – Automated sensors that help manage print flow and replenishment of paper stock and ink levels. Extended Temperature – Built to last, these sensors are designed for long-term use in extremely hot and cold environments with reliable readings.
Part Presence – Verification sensors for manufacturing of items to ensure no gaps in production or miscounted quantities. Level Detection – Allowing for automated filling of containers, these sensors confirm accurate fill levels of both solid and liquid materials in packaging situations.
Machine Vision – Sensors to perform visual inspections on production lines to verify accurate production features, identify defects and confirm positioning. Material Handling –  No matter the packaging, these sensors help to organize and structure material flow whether along the production line or through sorting and shipping.
Assembly – A wide range of sensors to aid in material positioning, product counting, item sorting and a variety of other applications. Poka-Yoke Applications – Quality control sensors that can be configured to confirm the presence of an item or detect appropriate distances between precision parts or detailed features.
Metal Forming – Instruments to align and confirm positioning for welding, metal stamping and other metal construction and production applications. End of Arm Tooling – A wide range of tooling items for gripping, guiding or any other need along your production line.


Hard to Detect Substances –  Provides reliable performance in the detection of difficult substances. Bulk building materials can create a challenge for detection due to target composition or application environment.We offer three different types of sensing technology including photoelectric, capactitive and inductive sensors.


Custom Sensors

Perhaps our most notable service is that we can create custom sensors to your qualifications and purpose. We do this one of two ways; modify an already existing sensor unit to fit your purpose or design or build entirely new sensors to accommodate your needs.

To learn more about any of our sensors or custom sensors, contact us today.