Photoelectric Cylindrical

LOCON is your reliable choice for high-quality photoelectric sensors. We offer a variety of photoelectric sensor styles and sizes to fit your application requirements.

Our sensors are the best choice for any mechanical, electrical, computer, or security project. Our customers, with their unique production needs, depend on these systems to maintain tight operational schedules. Locon provides product developed for long-term reliable use.

At Locon Sensor Systems, Inc. we are always here to meet your specific customer needs. Contact us with any questions you may have about our products, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Miniature Cylindrical PhotoelectricsMiniature Cylindrical Photoelectrics

  • Cylindrical Housing Sizes of Ø4mm and M5
  • Diffuse sensing range from 10mm to 50mm
  • Thru-beam Sensing Range up to 250mm

Cylindrical PhotoelectricsCylindrical Photoelectrics

  • Cylindrical Housing Size of M12
  • Diffuse Sensing Range of 300mm
  • Through-beam Sensing Range 10M-50M
  • Polarized Retro reflective Sensing Range of 1.5M

Universal Heavy Duty Photoelectrics - FMS SeriesUniversal Heavy Duty Photoelectrics – FMS Series

  • Cylindrical Housing Size of M18 and M30
  • Diffuse sensing range of up to 2M
  • Easily paired with glass fiber-optic cables to accommodate tight spaces or high-temp areas

Glass Fiber Optic CablesGlass Fiber-Optic Cables

  • For use with Locon’s M18 or M30 threaded photoelectric sensors
  • Heat tolerant to +250 deg C
  • Sensing range of 1mm to 3M
  • Customized units created to suit specific applications