High Temperature Capacitive

Capacitive sensors designed to withstand extreme heat.

High-temperature tolerant capacitive sensors are especially suitable for applications where the sensor head is exposed to extreme temperatures, or comes directly into contact with hot materials. These sensors are used as level detectors for liquids and bulk goods, or choose the cylindrical series for non-contact proximity detection in high heat environments.

Should the standard models offered not meet your application needs, please allow us the opportunity to discuss custom design options with you.  Submit a request through the website or call 800-356-2661.

Cylindrical Series

  • Housing sizes of M18 and M30
  • Sensing distances from 10mm to 20mm
  • Sensor head tolerant to 250C/482F



  • M18 housing
  • Pressure rated to 10 bar
  • Temperature tolerant to 125C/257F