Capacitive Miniature

Sometimes the smallest components have the biggest effects on equipment and system functions. At Locon, we offer a wide range of miniature capacitive sensors, in cylindrical or wafer-style housings, designed to fit in compact spaces. Due to their small size an external amplifier is required for sensor operation. The amps, sold separately, are available in a variety of outputs to best fit your application needs.

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WAFER HOUSINGWafer Housing Sensor

The wafer design is basically the size of a thick coin, a great solution for applications where sensor body length is a concern.

    • Housing sizes of 18mm, 22mm, and 30mm
    • Sensing distances from 4mm to 10mm


CYLINDRICAL HOUSINGMiniature cylindrical capacitive sensors

Miniature cylindrical capacitive sensors offer the same reliable performance as full-sized units, with the added advantage of fitting in much smaller spaces. Please also see our models designed for use in the semiconductor industry.

  • Housing sizes from Ø4 to M12
  • Sensing distances from 1mm to 8mm