Applications in special sensor technology

Special designs of Locon Sensor Systems

Locon Sensor Systems Inc. is a leader in special sensor technology. Whether the application includes concerns like the high temperatures found in industrial furnaces or extreme weather conditions encountered by high-speed trains – Locon sensors perform well even under extreme conditions and are up to any challenge. Customized modifications to cable lengths and material, body design, and connections may be possible based on the sensor model.

Traffic engineering

The automatic coupling cover of the train flap is controlled by cylinder switches. These must function safely and reliably even in the presence of strong vibrations as well as dirt, cold, heat and snow.

Food industry

Sensors are used in filling plant processes to determine whether, e.g., a bottle, cup or lid is present. The sensors must tolerate extreme requirements, withstanding exposure to food industry cleaning agents such as lye, high temperatures, vapors, etc.

Rolling mills

Under the most extreme ambient temperatures as well as in the presence of water vapor, dust and dirt, inductive sensors check whether the rolled stock is correctly positioned so that the next production step can take place.

Semiconductor industry

In chip bonding, capacitive sensors must detect gold wires used to attach bare wafer chips to a base plate. The sensors must be extremely precise so that miniaturized components can be placed and attached in a compact space.