Photoelectric Cubic

LOCON your reliable choice for high quality photoelectric sensors

Locon Sensors is proud to be a long-time licensed distributor of Contrinex product.  We supply Contrinex sensors to be used in many different applications, including providing controls for complicated industrial or consumer-interface equipment.  We offer cubic sensors in a range of sizes – with many other options to choose from depending on your project requirements.

Please contact us to find out about the additional cubic photoelectric sensors we carry.  We can also design a custom sensor system to your specifications.  For more detailed information, please use the contact form on the site or call 800-356-2661.

Miniature Cubic PhotoelectricsMiniature Cubic Photoelectrics

  • Small Housing Size of 13x21x7mm
  • Diffuse Sensor with Background Suppression up to 120mm
  • Through-beam Sensing Range of 2M

Cubic PhotoelectricsCubic Photoelectrics

  • Housing size of 20x30x10mm
  • Diffuse Sensing Range of 1.5M
  • Reflex Sensing Range of 8M
  • Through-beam Sensing Range of 30M

Cables and ConnectorsSensor Cables and Connectors

    • Options include 3 or 4 pin, M8 or M12, straight or right-angle connections
    • 2, 5, or 10 meter lengths
    • PUR or PVC sheathing