LOCON your reliable choice for high quality custom sensors

Locon Sensor Systems has been in the business of modifying standard units and designing new sensors from the ground up for nearly twenty years. We can customize photoelectric sensors, capacitive and inductive proximity sensors. As simple as changing the cable style or length to designing a unit to fit inside your existing housing, we look forward to assisting you in your custom sensor needs.

Examples of our successful product development include:

    • A high temperature solution used in the bending of glass for the automotive and construction industries.
    • A photoelectric sensor designed to fit within the small confines of a pre-existing structure for application in the medical/dental industry.
    • Photoelectric and inductive sensors designed for light sensitive applications. The customer controlled LED function can be activated for easy maintenance or deactivated during light critical operation. Darkroom applications are an ideal example of usage.
    • Under current development is a sensor that distinguishes ferrous from non-ferrous metals for use in the scrap metal industry.



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