Locon Sensor Systems, Inc. is your ideal source for not only standard sensors but also for custom, high-temperature, and miniature capacitive options. We carry an array of sensor solutions for many different applications, many of which can be custom made to fit your needs. All of our sensors are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and many can be delivered directly from stock.

We specialize in producing sensors that are intended to operate in incredibly difficult environments. These durable sensors are perfect for equipment exposed to extreme conditions. They are designed to withstand the elements, including rain and wind, and are built to reliably offer long-term use in harsh situations.

We offer customized solutions through unique design development to fit your specifications, or we can add the features you need to a pre-existing sensor. Each of our sensors provides presence detection with precision. When you need highly accurate sensors that are capable of working in extreme conditions or a fast-moving environment, Locon has you covered.

Take a look at our full range of solutions – from photoelectrics to inductive and capacitive options, to high-temperature sensors and customized sensors – and find the equipment you need with Locon Sensor Systems, Inc.