Capacitive Cylindrical


Capacitive sensing technology allows for detection of several different target materials from food substances to plastics, oil or glue to fine powders. We manufacture and sell proximity and level detection capacitive sensors that will easily integrate into your existing system, or can be designed for a new application. Our cylindrical capacitive line includes a range of housing diameters, adjustable sensing distance, flush and non-flush mounting options.  We offer contact-free proximity detection or level detection of bulk/liquid product directly or through a container wall.

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PROXIMITY SERIESCapacitive Cylindrical Proximity Series Sensor

  • Housing sizes of 6.5 to M12
  • Sensing distances from 0.1mm to 4mm
  • Cabled and quick-disconnect options available

LEVEL SERIESCapacitive Cylindrical Level Series Sensor

  • Housing sizes M12 to M30
  • Sensing distances from 8mm to 30mm
  • Cabled and quick-disconnect options available