An Overview on Cubic Photoelectric Sensors

Cubic photoelectric sensors are one of the many types of photoelectric sensors available on the market. While their housing dimensions are what most obviously set them apart from other types of photoelectric sensors, their shape also makes them uniquely suited to certain applications. 

Here we go through everything you need to know about cubic photoelectric sensors and how they can help your specific devices and applications: 

Photoelectric sensors Cubic Photoelectric Sensors

Before we delve into cubic photoelectric sensors, we must first cover the basics concerning photoelectric sensors as a whole. These types of sensors send out light beams (from either a laser diode or an LED light) at a specific target or object in order to determine the absence and/or presence of that target/object. Photoelectric sensors can come in varying types, including cylindrical, miniature, analog, high temperature models, and, of course, cubic. 

Different types of cubic photoelectric sensors 

Photoelectric sensors can be divided into five main categories (see above), and those categories can then be divided even more. For cubic photoelectric sensors, there are a couple of types that we at Locon provide: 


With a small housing size of 13x21x7mm, the miniature size can fit into even the smallest device or application. They feature a through-beam sensing range of 2M, as well as a diffuse sensor with background suppression up to 120mm. 


The standard size is 20x30x10mm, and while it is bigger than the miniature, that bigger sizes provides increased functionality. For instance, it has a through-beam sensing range of 30M, a reflex sensing range of 8M, and a diffuse sensing range of 1.5M. 

Applications for cubic photoelectrics 

As a long-time licensed distributor of Contrinex product, Locon Sensors is proud to supply their line of cubic photoelectrics. These types of sensors can be used for a wide variety of applications, but they are particularly suited for supply chain processes in the automotive industry, as well as for packaging or fill processes. Miniature sensors, for example, can sense the presence of bagged candy during packing operations, and can detect the presence of a trolley-bus’s current collector under some very rugged conditions. 

At Locon Sensor Systems, we can provide miniature and standard cubic photoelectric sensors. To learn more, contact us today either online or by phone at 800-356-2661.