Cylindrical Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive sensors to suit the smallest environments.
Cylindrical Capacitive SensorsCylindrical Housings
Our range of Capacitive switches comprises all widely used sizes from 6.5mm to M34, All switches are available in 3-wire DC, PNP and NPN versions, with cables or connectors, and most are also available in 2-wire models (for 20… 265 VAC, or 20… 320 VDC).

If you can dream up a way that a machine must use a sensor, you probably can find the type of sensor your company needs here at Locon Sensor Systems. We’ve got a range of cylindrical sensors that can perform their jobs in a variety of industrial and commercial settings.

The fact is that our high-quality cylindrical sensors are not the only specialty products offered. We also work hard to design a body style for the sensor technology that will fit perfectly to your machine. Not only the body style, but also the mounting options, available from this company, ensure that you get the fit you want. You don’t have to go back to the drawing board to find a way to fit sensors to your machine. If you don’t want to purchase an out-of-the box sensor, we also proudly offer our custom design services.

Capacitive Sensors

Some machines do not just need to use light technology to check for motion or to sense the presence of a metal object. We manufacture and sell capacity sensors that are able to detect different conditions inside the cylinder body.

For example, we have a variety of models of sensors that will attach to your machine. These sensors detect for the presence of a specific type of material. For example, our Cylindrical Capacitive Sensors can detect if liquid is present or not present.

Liquid level detection is important for machines to make decisions. For example, the presence of a liquid might help a machine decide if there is enough paint to perform a spraying application task in an automated car production assembly line.

If you have different equipment needs, you can find high-quality Sensors, such as our Analog Capacitive Sensors, that have features such as an Adjustable sensing distance. Depending on the specs of your machine, you may adjust sensors. This functionality allows you to make adjustments to machines without needing to purchase replacement sensors, especially to perform similar tasks.

When you order one of our capacitive sensors, be sure to inquire about other options, such as Flush or non-flush mounting, Embeddable or non-embeddable housing, and Contact free position switches.

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