Contrinex M18 Photoelectric Sensors Now Available in the US

As a long-time licensed distributor for Contrinex products, we are pleased to announce there’s a great addition to the Contrinex lineup newly available to the American market. The M18 series photoelectric sensors feature small plastic housings, a discreet embeddable design and an integral IO-Link interface. This makes it easier than ever to implement these versatile sensors into your existing production infrastructure.

With their IO-Link interface, the M18 photoelectric sensors from Contrinex can be controlled and configured remotely to ensure reliable operation. Thanks to their long sensing range, these sensors can also be employed in a variety of different applications, from automating one-piece batches to monitoring multi-step packaging operations.

Contrinex also offers another variant of the M18 photoelectric sensor that includes a background suppression feature. This type of sensor is designed to prevent trigger errors in environments with reflective backgrounds and varied sensing distances. All of the M18 sensors include protection from crosstalk as well.

In especially harsh sensing environments, however, the plastic housing on these photoelectric sensors may be less than ideal. For applications that require a more robust sensor, we also offer our own line of heavy-duty M18 sensors with durable metal housings. The Contrinex and Locon M18 photoelectrics can be used throughout the same project, as the application environment dictates, to create a custom sensing solution for your unique needs.

At Locon Sensor Systems, we can work with you to develop a reliable, efficient sensor array tailored to your specifications. We offer a diverse range of sensor solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Give us a call or contact us online today to get started!