Finding Sensors for Harsh Environments

One of the issues that many of our new clients face is finding sensors for their applications that will thrive in what we call “harsh environments.” After all, it’s tough to find anything that will consistently work in extreme temperatures.

Locon Sensor Systems designs and distributes sensors that are uniquely built to endure harsh environmental conditions.  Our sensors can thrive in a wide range “harsh conditions,’’ including when temperatures rise all the way to 250 ⁰ Celsius. As such, we help our clients keep their mechanical systems running on point, since our sensors are built to withstand the heat, and will not break down as the environment becomes more and more distressed.

By having a dependable sensor system in place, business owners will not have to worry about their mechanical applications experiencing hiccups, which means downtime so maintenance can be performed. As the old adage goes, time is money and the more dependable and consistent your applications are, the more profitable it will be for your company.

Our high temperature sensors are fabricated with stainless steel housings that are durable, and they have sensing distances up to 50mm. Most often, these sensors are invaluable to businesses that use mechanical applications, including manufacturing plants.

If your mechanical application has distinct requirements, the engineers at Locon Sensor Systems will design and build a custom-sensor solution that suits your needs. For information about the benefits of our sensor systems, please contact us today.