Finding the Right Photoelectric Sensor

Locon Sensor Systems, Inc. offers a variety of photoelectric sensor options to ensure we have something to suit your range of application needs.  What’s more, we can also custom design sensors to make sure it’s built to your exact specifications.

That said, let’s take a look at the different options we offer, and discuss a feature or two of each.

Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors

We provide an array of photoelectrics, as seen below.

–          Series 1040/1050These sensors are housed in stainless steel, and are some of the smallest self-contained units available in the industry. Despite the diminutive size, the sensors can operate long distances – in addition to being easy to clean, durable and tough to scratch up. Offering an IP67 degree of protection this sensor series can be used in many different environments.

–          Series 1120 This selection has short housing length; can operate long distances; has a high switching frequency; adjustable sensitivity and is easy to clean, but hard to scratch.  It emits visible red light, and its polyurethane potting protects it from environmental factors.

–          Series 1180With similar attributes to the 1120’s, this selection can operate for great lengths, as it can be adjusted from 11mm to 120mm

–          Universal Heavy Duty PhotoelectricsThis series offers the flexibility and durability to be used in a variety of applications. These sensors offer a diffuse sensing range of up to 2 meters, and feature an M18 or M30 housing size. 

–          Switchable LED PhotoelectricsThis series allows the customer to control the LED function, making them ideal for darkroom or light-sensitive applications.  They allow for sensing ranges from 1 to 2 meters.

–          Glass Fiber Optic CablesSince the cables can withstand heat up to 250 degrees Celsius, they are an ideal partner to use with an M18 or M30 photoelectric sensor for your difficult high-temp applications.

Rectangular Photoelectric Sensors

For those looking for rectangular shaped photoelectric sensors, we have both mini and regular sizes available.

In regards to the Mini Rectangular Photoelectrics, don’t let the name fool you; they may be small, but they’re sturdy and built to withstand an assortment of environmental factors.

The larger option is also a universal option, and it adjusts to sensitive environmental factors with a calibration scale and gearbox.

Analog Photoelectric Sensors

If you’re looking for photoelectric sensors with analog output, then Locon Sensor Systems is the place to go.  It is one of our more innovative products, and it has a high voltage output.

High Temperature Photoelectric Sensors

Though the sensors themselves are not high-temp rated, partnering them with our fiber optic cables allows for photoelectric sensing technology to be used in a high-temp environment.  The cables, featuring a metal or silicone sheath, can function reliably in temps up to 250 deg Celsius.  For your convenience, we have a range of cables to choose from, allowing you obtain the ideal fit for your application.

Custom Solutions

As previously mentioned, we are always readily available to tailor a photoelectric sensor to our customer’s specifications.

Keep in mind, this is just an introduction of all the options we have available.  For more specific information, please click on one of the links above, or you can always call 800-356-2661  to speak with us.