How Sensor Accessories Will Improve Your System

Locon Sensor Systems helps companies in a wide range of industries integrate sensors that best suit their applications. From businesses that need sensors to perform in the harshest of environments, to projects requiring a custom fit, Locon Sensor Systems can provide your business with nearly any type of solution. In fact, Locon Sensor Systems’ engineering and sales team works closely with customers to develop custom solutions for their sensor needs.

In addition to developing custom sensors for clients, Locon Sensor Systems also sells a variety of accessories that aid in maximizing your system’s productivity and safety levels. Let’s take a look at some of those accessories below.

Sensor Testers

Locon Sensor Systems offers a sensor tester with micro-USB socket. The tester works well with all types of sensors, from the most basic to the very complex, and it includes PNP/NPN recognition. Test results are indicated on an LED screen, as well as by an audio signal.

This battery operated system lasts for about two hours and is rechargeable through a universal phone charger. It’s a wonderful device to have around to ensure your system is running on point.

Power Cables

Connectivity is another important part of sensor design. Power cables can be tailored to your individual needs to meet safety requirements, yet are designed to withstand cleaning and washing. Proper cable connections allow for faster system implementation.

Mounting Clamps

Clamps are simple sensor support pieces that remain in place when sensors are being exchanged. They are easily adjustable and simplify the exchange process. Installed with little effort, mounting clamps will improve sensor performance and reduce downtime.

Are you interested in learning more about how the aforementioned accessories can improve your sensor system or design? If so, please contact Locon Sensor Systems today.

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