High Pressure Proximity Sensors

LOCON proudly offers reliable, high-quality sensors manufactured by Contrinex, Inc. Contrinex states of its high-pressure sensors:

Contrinex high-pressure inductive sensors are suitable for continuous duty at pressures up to 500 bar (1,000 bar peak pressure), ensuring reliable, accurate sensing in the most demanding pneumatic and hydraulic applications. Available with classic metal housing or one-piece, stainless-steel construction, high-pressure sensors detect the smallest parts and are ideal for piston-control applications where space is at a premium.

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High Pressure Inductive Proximity SensorsHigh Pressure Inductive Proximity Sensors

  • Housing Size from 04mm to M18 with sensing ranges from 1.5mm to 3mm and pressure ranges from 20 to 500 bars

High Pressure Inductive Proximity Sensor Cables & ConnectorsCables and Connectors

  • Connector Cables Size of M8(Pico) and M12(Micro)