Locon Sensor Systems Sells “Revolutionary” Products

SensorsLocon Sensor Systems is a proud distributor of Contrinex products, and the world will soon find out what we’ve always known: Contrinex is a reliable and innovative manufacturer of inductive, capacitive and photoelectric sensors used in a variety of applications.

So how will the rest of the world find out? Well, we are pleased to share the news that Contrinex is a finalist for the Innovation Prize of 2014, awarded by the Canton of Fribourg in Switzerland.

Contrinex was nominated due to their groundbreaking work in trying to find the perfect sensor to detect transparent objects. This technology will be useful to a range of industries whose operations are dependent on the efficiency of their plants, such as pharmaceutical, food processing and packing plants. Although there have been sensors put to market that try to perform this tall task, none have been able to perfect the process to this degree.

Contrinex takes this process to the next level through an innovative new idea. According to their site, their approach “combines the latest UV LEDs with high tech polarization and reflector materials in a solution that is much more reliable than existing techniques. Whatever the production cycle, no fine adjustment of sensing thresholds is required and splashes of liquid on the sensing face present no problem. This is because, when the emitter is a UV LED, the variation in light intensity in the presence of a transparent object will be greater than 80 %, even for clear glass, PET or PE objects.”

We’re anxiously awaiting to see if they win the Innovation Prize of 2014. Keep in mind, the winner will be announced on November 19th.

If you have any questions about Contrinex sensors, or if you would like more information about how Locon Sensor Systems can take their products and customize it to your specifications, please contact us today.

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