Non-Contact Infrared Sensors Accurately Track Small Objects

Pharmaceutical companies and small part manufacturers rely on sensing equipment to accurately count and detect small objects as they progress through automated production lines. When small objects aren’t reliably detected, it can cause packaging and distribution errors that cost businesses valuable time and money. In some cases, sensors may need to track hundreds of small objects each second as they pass from one phase of production to the next.

Recently, our long-time distribution partner Contrinex released a new line of non-contact infrared light grids that are ideal for quickly and accurately detecting large volumes of small objects in fast-paced manufacturing environments. With a broad sensing range and easy plug-and-play operation, these sensors ensure that small objects are properly counted and sorted through each phase of an automated process. Thanks to their use of infrared light, these sensors are also immune to interference from ambient light in bright factories and packaging plants.

If these sensors from Contrinex aren’t quite what you’re looking for, we also offer our own line of photoelectric sensing solutions that are well-suited to small object detection as well. These sensors come in a wide variety of configurations that can be easily adapted into the existing infrastructure of your operation. From high-temperature tolerant sensors to miniature options, our photoelectric sensors can be integrated into just about any automated production process you can think of.

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