Photoelectric Sensors Monitor Fast-Paced Packaging Operations

In an industrial setting where large volumes of products move through multiple phases of automated packaging, a robust sensor system is essential to the operation’s success. Take confectionery products, for example. These products are typically wrapped individually before being sorted into groups and sealed in bags for consumers. Then, these bags are sorted into cardboard cartons, which are subsequently stacked and wrapped in heat-shrink film to prepare them for transport. This multi-step packaging process requires a sensor array that can detect the presence of confectionery products and ensure they make it to their destination in the correct quantities.

Due to the reflective nature of these products, photoelectric sensors are ideal for this type of application.

These sensors can reliably detect fast-moving targets and identify potential errors in the packaging process. During the bagging phase of packaging, where space is often at a premium, miniature photoelectric sensors offer a convenient way to prevent errors and maintain the automated bagging process. Later, when cartons are shrink-wrapped and prepared for transport, long-range photoelectric sensors can perform a similar function on a larger scale. All of these sensors can be integrated into a computer-controlled monitoring system that can flag errors and isolate them before they disrupt the packaging operation.

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