Analog Photoelectrics

Locon Sensor Systems uses breakthrough technology and the highest level of expertise to bring you the best analog sensors for your applications. Analog photoelectric sensors provide a wide array of useful applications and create modern machines that are safe, precise and automated. Locon Sensor Systems takes your needs and specifications for the ideal machine and provides you with a sensor that fits perfectly, with the functionality, dimensions, output and design you need.

Locon Sensor Systems works with a variety of sensors, including opposed retro-reflective and proximity-sensing sensors. Using the environment and functionality of your machine, Locon Sensor Systems expert engineers build a sensor with the precision and abilities you need. Whether you require a standard opposed, retro-reflective or proximity sensor, or a custom-built sensor, we help you find the optimal solution.

Sensors are used to make processes safer, more efficient and more exact in multiple industries, including packaging, printing, assembly, tooling, material handling and more. Depending on the application and industry you are working in, Locon Sensor Systems will help you find a sensor to optimize the process and minimize costs.

Learn more about analog photoelectric sensors and get the best technology for your needs. Contact Locon Sensor Systems today for standard and custom photoelectric sensors.