Fiber Optic Photoelectrics Sensors

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Fiber Optic PhotoelectricsFiber Optic Photoelectrics

  • Fiber-optic amplifier for DIN-rail mounting (DIN/EN 50022)
  • Distance setting by means of teaching with additional manual fine adjustment
  • Signal-strength indication by means of a bargraph
  • Adjustable pulse delay and stretching
  • High switching frequency: 1.5 kHz
  • Ideal for stacking, thanks to 10 mm housing width
  • Easy to operate

Universal Heavy Duty PhotoelectricsUniversal Heavy Duty Photoelectrics

  • Cylindrical Housing Size of M18 and M30
  • Diffuse sensing range of up to 2M
  • Fiber Optic Diffuse sensing range of up to 500mm
  • Fiber Optic Thru-Beam sensing range of up to 3M

Consumers may not know how many machines today are powered by fiber optics technology. The truth is that the emergence of fiber optics technology equals a super tech development that has revolutionized the sensor systems industry, especially for factories. A robot-powered machine or another type of machine can use a photoelectric sensor system’s information before taking an action.

For example, when you set up a Through-beam system with a light-emitting device on one side and a light-receiving device on the other side, the sensor is able to inform the machine if an object passes through the light’s path.

Many Uses for Fiber Optics Sensor Systems

*Equip many types of machines and security systems with fiber optic-based sensor systems. For example, you could set up a simple fiber optic sensor to detect movement of intruders through a sensitive area in the factory or commercial facility.

*Use fiber optic sensor technology to monitor any movement around the windows and doors of a private residence.

*Use fiber optic sensors to alert a machine that it is time to install a part, make an adjustment, or apply a coat of paint when that object passes through the beam of light.

The truth is that the sky is the limit when it comes to equipping machines to make decisions using fiber optics sensors. At Locon, we sell many sensor systems your company can find useful for outfitting commercial, industrial, and consumer machines.

Each of our sensor systems is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. That’s because we only work with well-respected manufacturers to source our products. Rest assured that no matter what type of job your fiber optics sensors need to perform, we’ve got the right sensors to do the job right.

Some of our specialty sensors, not just our Fiber Optic Photoelectrics, are built to be Tolerant of harsh environmental conditions. That means if you will be fitting a light sensor system, such as Through-beam sensors, onto a machine, it will function properly in a high temperature environment. An example would be a steel manufacturing plant where high temperatures created by the blast furnace create extreme heat, challenging the effectiveness of fiber optics sensors.

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