The Versatility and Effectiveness of Miniature Capacitives

Locon Sensor Systems, Inc. of Perrysburg, Ohio makes miniature capacitives for industrial use. These capacitives can assist in the control and monitoring of machine processes. They can also act as primary detectors for counting jobs.


Locon’s mini capacitives are convenient because they’re so small, ranging in diameter from 4mm for cylindrical sensors (available in smooth and threaded versions up to M8) to 18mm for the wafer style. The wafer sensor is the size of a thick coin and is ideal for situations when overall length is a problem.  The unique size of the miniature capacitives provides a viable and ideal solution for applications with particular size constraints.


Because of their tiny size, an external amplifier is necessary for sensor operation. To power mini capacitives, Locon supplies external amps featuring your choice of output and a potentiometer for adjusting the sensing distance. Locon’s amplifiers include short circuit, overload, EMF and reverse polarity protection.


Locon Sensor Systems can create custom sensors to your qualifications and purpose.  The specialists at Locon Sensor Systems work closely with clients in an assortment of industries to design a sensor that is built to overcome their specific challenges.  To learn more about the different types of sensor solutions available, or to discuss the individual sensor challenges of your specific application, please call 800-356-2661.