Why Photoelectric Sensors can Fit a Variety of Needs

At Locon Sensor Systems, we specialize in providing different sensing technologies to best suit your unique application needs – a small space, high-temp, or difficult environmental conditions.


Photoelectric sensors can be used in a variety of applications.  This technology involves cooperation between a sender and receiver. The sender emits an infrared beam targeted towards the receiver.  Depending on output and target detection parameters, the status of the beam will indicate presence or absence of the target. The sensor can be incorporated into your PLC to trigger the desired prompt, resulting in an alert or a change in the application’s process.


Application needs including sensing distance and switching speed, along with the size, shape, and material composition of the target will determine which photoelectric sensor is the best fit for your project. Locon Sensor Systems supplies cylindrical and rectangular sensors that provide different angles and infrared beam capabilities.   Fiber optic cable accessories to be used in conjunction with the photoelectric sensors are available for hard to fit, or high-temp areas.


Three different beam configurations are available – through-beam, diffused, and retro-reflective. With a through-beam setup, the sender and receiver sensors are positioned opposing each other.  Target positioning will break the beam and result in a signal output of presence detection.   A diffuse mode photoelectric sensor is a reflective sensor that contains the sender and receiver within one housing.  The obstructing object will redirect the light to the receiver. The signal output is triggered once the receiver detects a threshold of light.  The third type of photoelectric sensors offered, retro-reflective, again contain the sender and receiver within a single unit.  Infrared light is emitted and bounced back to the receiving eye from a positioned reflector or reflective surface.  Signal output is triggered when the target material interrupts the light reflected to the receiver.


Photoelectric sensors are used in everything from vending machines to alarm systems. They are a reliable way to provide accurate and timely information allowing efficient processing within your application and industry.  If you would like to find out which photoelectric technology would be best for your company, then please contact us today.

Posted by: Jeanne Rudski