Advantages of Using High Temperature Capacitives

A company tenet of Locon Sensor Systems Inc. is to provide our customers with the sensing technology that best suits their specific and unique needs. As such, we offer a vast selection of capacitive sensors, and provide clients with the opportunity to have our engineering and production teams design a custom solution for their company.

We supply quality high temperature capacitives for use in a variety of industries. Typically manufactured in M18 or M30mm housing sizes, high temperature capacitives provide users with a range of benefits.

For starters, they are manufactured in durable materials, using either stainless steel or PTFE. They function reliably in a wide variance of temperatures and environments, from -180C to +250C, and they have a sensing range of 1mm to 20mm.

The units can be used as fill level detectors in liquids and bulk goods, or as distance sensors for testing block materials in hot surroundings. Conveniently, the sensing distance can be increased or reduced through an external amplifier. Units offer either flush or non-flush mountings.

As previously mentioned, we welcome the opportunity to manufacture a custom high temperature capacitive that is tailored for your specific application. Anytime you need a capacitive sensor that can withstand high temperatures, remember to trust in the experts at Locon Sensor Systems!