High Temperature Series

Capacitive sensors designed to withstand extreme heat.
High Temperature Capacitive SensorsHigh Temperature Series
The capacitive high-temperature sensors are especially suitable for applications where the sensor head is exposed to a high ambient temperature, or comes directly into contact with hot materials. The units are used as fill level detectors in liquids and bulk goods, or as distance sensors for testing block materials in hot surroundings.

Sensor systems are integral parts of many machines used in the manufacturing world. These systems help machines decide whether or not to perform a task. Sensors also help machines to assess conditions such as safety conditions.

If you are going to automate one or more production processes in your company with the help of machines, you need to ensure that your machines have the best parts. Sensors are an important aspect of a machine’s design. Each sensor could potentially cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Therefore, you need to work with an engineer who will create a cost-effective machine with affordable parts.

When you have the design sketches in front of you for a new machine, or you are working with an idea for improving or recalibrating an existing machine in your production environment, it helps to know that you can find the right sensor systems from Locon Sensor Systems.

Although we are based in Ohio, we are able to meet the needs of companies around the world because we can easily ship the sensors and parts you require. When they arrive at your business location, you can install these parts and get your machines working efficiently. Finding the right sensors in a timely manner and purchasing them at prices your company can afford are the keys to sticking to your production schedule this year.

Our company is pleased to display our variety of sensor products. We’ve set up the product pages with customers in mind, and we hope you find it easy to find the sensors you are looking for.

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Some of the products you can find here for your industrial machinery are Capacitive High Temperature Sensors and Analog Capacitive Sensors. These sensors can be designed for many applications. For example, capacitive sensors can determine the presence of a metal or another solid in a container as part of your production line.

When you select a sensor, you also face practical design considerations, such as how you will be able to mount a sensor device to a factory machine. Look for options in our sensors such as Flush or non-flush mounting and Embeddable or non-embeddable housing.

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