Are Capacitive Sensors Right For Your Business?

Capacitive sensors have an expansive range of uses in many industrial applications. Versatile and affordable, these sensors are frequently used as a verification step in manufacturing to detect liquid levels in a container or affirm target presence without contact, and might be just the devices you need for your operation.

Locon Sensors manufactures its own line of capacitive product, is an authorized distributor for Contrinex, Inc. and sells Balluff product as well. According to Balluff, capacitive sensors are a great option for use in industrial environments where external factors could cause a target to be missed if using other sensing technologies, such as situations where dust, reflectivity or color could influence the reading. All the capacitive sensors Locon Sensors supplies are securely housed and protected, making them resilient against debris or liquid contact.

A common use for these sensors is found in bottling operations, where the sensors are tasked with verifying bottle content presence or that the bottle has been properly fitted with a cap. Contrinex notes a particular application wherein bottles pass through a gate with the capacitive sensor mounted overhead. The sensor is adjusted to detect the presence of the bottle cap. If the sensor detects a change in permittivity from the preset expectation, the bottle is rejected and removed from the line – thereby providing quality control in a large, standardized operation. Additionally, this same sensor can be utilized to count the containers that go through the sensor, which can be useful for packaging and sorting processes further down the line.

No matter your specific need, a wide variety of miniature, high-temperature, cylindrical and analog capacitive sensors exist for any application. Locon’s expert team can also help design custom sensor solutions as well, in case you need something a bit different from the “on the shelf” selection. Give Locon a call today for all your sensor needs!