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Understanding the Different Types of Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive Proximity Sensor

Capacitive sensors are proximity sensors, offering non-contact detection of a target. Capacitive sensing involves the electrical property of capacitance and the resulting feedback present in the oscillator circuit created between the target and the sensor. Not only can capacitive sensors detect the presence or absence of an object, but they can also detect flow, liquid… Read more »

Maintain Bottling Plant Quality Control With Capacitive Sensors

Of all the steps that go into the mass production of bottled beverages, the most important might be the step in which bottles are sealed with caps. Capping errors can cause serious quality control issues, in some cases forcing beverage producers to abandon whole packs of bottles. Not only does a loose or missing cap… Read more »

No Space is Too Small for These Miniature Sensor Units

No Space is Too Small for These Miniature Sensor Units

Even the largest manufacturing plants rely on small, specialized machines to function effectively. In fact, the more complex your operation becomes, the more likely you are to struggle with size and space restrictions. Tool and die makers, CNC machines and advanced robotics are especially prone to these limitations. Fortunately, we have a number of types… Read more »

Are Capacitive Sensors Right For Your Business?

Are Capacitive Sensors a Fit for your Business?

Capacitive sensors have an expansive range of uses in many industrial applications. Versatile and affordable, these sensors are frequently used as a verification step in manufacturing to detect liquid levels in a container or affirm target presence without contact, and might be just the devices you need for your operation. Locon Sensors manufactures its own… Read more »

The Versatility and Effectiveness of Miniature Capacitives

Locon Sensor Systems, Inc. of Perrysburg, Ohio makes miniature capacitives for industrial use. These capacitives can assist in the control and monitoring of machine processes. They can also act as primary detectors for counting jobs.   Locon’s mini capacitives are convenient because they’re so small, ranging in diameter from 4mm for cylindrical sensors (available in… Read more »