Understanding the Different Types of Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive sensors are proximity sensors, offering non-contact detection of a target. Capacitive sensing involves the electrical property of capacitance and the resulting feedback present in the oscillator circuit created between the target and the sensor. Not only can capacitive sensors detect the presence or absence of an object, but they can also detect flow, liquid level, pressure, spacing, and more. This is done for a wide variety of materials in a wide variety of industries, which is why there are several types of capacitive sensors on the market:

MiniatureCapacitive Proximity Sensor

Miniature capacitive sensors can come in a cylindrical or wafer-style in order to fit the most compact spaces. These types of sensors have several uses, including controlling and monitoring machine process, and acting as detectors for counting jobs. To afford the best fit in tight spaces, miniature sensor heads require the use of an external amplifier. The potentiometer on the external amplifier allows for sensitivity adjustment.


Not to be confused with the cylindrical miniature sensors, these types of capacitive sensors are larger than the miniatures, ranging from ∅6.5 to M12 and M12 to M30. They have an adjustable sensing distance and we offer both flush and non-flush mounting options.

High temperature

For applications that are put under extreme temperatures, high temperature capacitive sensors are the way to go. These can still function even while in direct contact with hot materials and temperatures, detecting levels for liquids and bulk goods even under the most extreme circumstances.


The analog sensor works similar to standard capacitive sensors, but it can have several advantages depending on how it’s used. For instance, analog sensors are excellent for material selection, thickness monitoring, and concentration deviation in addition to the many other uses that capacitive sensors are good for.

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