Inductive Sensors Can Distinguish Different Vehicle Models

Rather than manufacturing a single model of vehicle day in and day out, modern auto manufacturers typically produce a number of different vehicle models that each have distinct dimensions and components. To expedite their workflow, these businesses need a way to quickly identify different chassis types as soon as they’re lifted onto the line so that they can be processed and serviced with the appropriate parts. This calls for a unique sensing solution that is not only able to distinguish between subtle variations in different vehicle chassis, but also rugged enough to withstand the frequent mechanical shocks associated with auto body work. They must also be able to operate reliably over relatively long distances.

For this type of application, we recommend inductive sensors such as the Series 700 sensors from Contrinex.

These sensors are characterized by their rugged design, long sensing range and ability to detect the presence of nearby metal objects. By implementing long-range inductive sensors into their production lines, auto manufacturers and body shops can quickly identify different chassis variations and ensure that each vehicle corresponds with the correct work order. This, in turn, can prevent production errors and eliminate costly downtime. Thanks to their all-metal housing, the sensors are also able to stand up to the demands of harsh operating environments.

At Locon Sensor Systems, we also offer our own line of inductive sensors that are ideally suited for automotive applications. To learn more about these or any of the other sensor solutions we offer at Locon, give us a call or contact us online today.