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Solutions for Extreme Conditions: The Contrinex IP69k Rated Sensors

Factory for the production of edible oils. Shallow DOFF. Ukraine

Locon is a long-time licensed distributor for Contrinex product.  Both through the Locon and Contrinex brands, we supply a wide variety of sensors for all sorts of industries. It is critical to use the sensor best suited to the application, especially if extreme conditions are a consideration. The Contrinex IP68/IP69k product line is a sound… Read more »

Introducing the IP69k Inductive Sensor

IP69k sensor

Generally speaking, inductive sensors detect the presence of metal objects without contact. Many variations of inductive sensors are available depending on the application needs. Locon’s series of IP69k inductive sensors is a step above the rest. These sensors can be used in a range of applications, especially when conditions require exposure to harsh and challenging… Read more »

The Benefits of an Inductive Proximity Sensor

Basic - Cylindrical and Cubic Housings

Many manufacturers in the automotive industry and other automated facilities require non-contact presence detection to assist in safely and accurately changing tools in presses. To do so, these manufacturers rely on various solutions. One approach is to use an inductive proximity sensor. For example, when used on a tool-press, the sensor detects the top and… Read more »

What Are Basic Inductive Sensors?

Basic - Cylindrical and Cubic Housings

Some projects require specialized or customized sensors to meet the challenging demands of very specific application concerns.  Locon provides these solutions.  But, sometimes you don’t need a specialized part to get the job done. All you need is a standard, run-of-the-mill sensor. The line of basic inductive sensors does just that. Efficient and reliable, basic… Read more »

How Rugged Inductive Sensors Help Manufacture N95 Face Masks

How Rugged Inductive Sensors Help Manufacture N95 Face Masks

As the world fights to control the spread of the novel coronavirus, masks have become an integral part of our everyday lives. We now have to wear them in grocery stores, restaurants, and anywhere else where we cannot safely socially distance. Of the many masks available on the market, the N95 face masks are considered… Read more »

The Different Types of Cubic Inductive Sensors

Miniature Inductive Sensors

In past blog posts, we have focused on the cubic photoelectric sensor—a sensor that uses LED light to determine the absence of an object—but in this post we turn our attention to its cousin, the cubic inductive sensor. This type of sensor, unlike the photoelectric sensor, uses electromagnetic induction to detect the presence of a… Read more »

Revolutionary Protection for Inductive Sensors

Inductive Cylindrical And Cubic Sensors

For many industries, their machines work under highly demanding environments. That’s why they need sensors that can reliably perform under challenging circumstances. By using ceramic coating, a new range of weld-immune inductive sensors offer to do just that.   What are inductive sensors? Inductive sensors are used to detect the presence of a metallic object. Vacuum-sealed… Read more »

High-Pressure Inductive Sensors Are Small but Remarkably Strong

High Pressure Inductive Sensors

At Locon Sensor Systems, we recognize the need for variety of industrial-grade sensor options that are capable of operating reliably even in the most unforgiving environments. From high-temperature tolerant sensors to washdown sensors that are food safe and corrosion resistant, we provide rugged and durable sensor solutions. We are pleased to offer pressure-resistant inductive sensors… Read more »

Automated Assembly Plants Rely on Inductive Sensors to Succeed

Inductive sensors are a particularly versatile type of sensor that can be found everywhere from wind farms to machine shops. One of the most common applications for inductive sensors, however, lies in automated assembly operations. In plants where consumer electronics, automobiles and other goods are assembled by robotic automation systems, these sensors are used to… Read more »

These Inductive Sensors Provide Optimal Flexibility

Capacitive Analog Sensors

Looking for an inductive sensor that can be mounted in tight spaces, operate over long distances and function effectively in harsh environments? This might seem like a tall order, but we now offer C44 inductive sensors from Contrinex that can meet all these demands and more. Contrinex recently outfitted these popular sensors with an IO-Link… Read more »