Automated Assembly Plants Rely on Inductive Sensors to Succeed

Inductive sensors are a particularly versatile type of sensor that can be found everywhere from wind farms to machine shops. One of the most common applications for inductive sensors, however, lies in automated assembly operations. In plants where consumer electronics, automobiles and other goods are assembled by robotic automation systems, these sensors are used to ensure that each component is correctly aligned and ready for the next step in the assembly process.

Take the C23 Full Inox inductive sensors from our long-time distribution partner Contrinex, for example.

By virtue of their corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction and long operating distance, these inductive sensors are ideal for a wide variety of automated assembly applications, including food-safe settings. C23 inductive sensors are small enough to fit in tight spaces, but robust enough to withstand exposure to harsh chemicals. They can also be easily integrated into plant-wide control systems thanks to their digital IO-Link interface, which allows them to communicate wirelessly without the need for additional cabling.

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