Durable Inductive Sensors Find a New Home on Wind Farms

Thanks to their ability to function reliably in harsh operating environments, you can find inductive sensors in a variety of rugged industrial settings. From vehicle manufacturing to food processing, inductive sensors offer viable solutions to some of the world’s most demanding jobs. In recent years, they’ve also been utilized in the burgeoning renewable energy industry.

The towering turbines on wind farms might look pretty placid and peaceful from a distance, but these advanced power generators are exposed to severe weather conditions all the time. Some wind turbines are even located offshore, where salt air and water can cause components to corrode and wear out prematurely.

These unique demands have made inductive sensors a particularly popular solution for modern wind turbines. Inductive sensors are typically used to monitor the rotational velocity of the turbines in real time. If rotational speeds exceed a turbine’s safe operating parameters, the sensors can trigger safety cutoffs that prevent the turbine from self-destructing.

It’s especially important for wind turbines to have reliable sensing systems because they’re often located in fairly remote locations. If a turbine fails, it can be costly and time-consuming to repair. Inductive sensors can eliminate the need for frequent maintenance and repairs by detecting potential problems before they arise.

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