Washdown Sensors Ideal for Food Processing Operations

Sensing equipment in food processing plants must not only be precise and reliable, but also designed with the rigorous cleaning requirements associated with food safety guidelines in mind as well. For these applications, we recommend durable food-grade washdown inductive sensors.

These sensors offer food processing operations a number of key benefits specific to their industry. As their name implies, washdown inductive sensors are capable of withstanding high-pressure water jets up to 80 bar and prolonged exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals. Their stainless-steel construction is corrosion resistant so you won’t have to worry about them breaking down from repeated cleanings. With washdown inductive sensors, you can eliminate downtime that might otherwise be caused by less robust sensing equipment. They are well suited for beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes as well.

Washdown inductive sensors can be easily integrated into your current equipment thanks to their IO-Link compatibility. IO-Link is a common standardized connection protocol that facilitates fast, dependable digital communication between sensors and monitoring and control equipment.

At Locon Sensor Systems, we offer both standalone sales of washdown inductive sensors and their associated control devices, as well as customized solutions for your operation. We can work with you to design a sensor and control scheme tailored to meet the unique demands of your business. Whether you’re replacing outmoded components or building a processing plant from the ground up, the team at Locon can help.

You can get additional information on washdown sensors from the folks at Contrinex. Locon Sensors is a long-time distributor of Contrinex products.

Feel free to give us a call today to learn more about washdown sensors or any of the other products and services offered at Locon. We look forward to hearing from you.