Standard Inductive Sensor Options Offer Affordable Reliability

Recently, we’ve highlighted a number of the more specialized sensor options you can find at Locon on our blog. These include miniature sensor units for applications with extreme space restrictions, and high temperature sensors for harsh operating environments. These specialized sensors might be ideal in some cases, but they’re not always necessary. For applications that aren’t limited by space restrictions or environmental conditions, standard inductive sensors provide a successful solution.

These sensors are offered in two housing options – rectangular and cylindrical. Standard inductive sensors are versatile, reliable and affordable. They may not be able to withstand extreme temperature variations, but their durable metal construction is more than adequate for most industrial applications. With sensing ranges that vary from 0.6mm all the way to 40mm, you can typically find a standard inductive sensor to accommodate all the different components of your operation.

In addition to the standard inductive sensor units we manufacture right here at Locon, we’re also an authorized distributor of inductive sensors from Contrinex. Their “Classics Basic” line of products offers similarly affordable solutions to our own standard line of sensors. Contrinex markets these products specifically toward the elevator-and-escalator industry, but they could easily and effectively be applied in other industries as well. The sensors’ IO-Link connectivity option also allows for convenient plant-wide sensor control.

These are just a few of the many sensor units we carry at Locon. Whether you’re looking for standard inductive units, photoelectric sensors or capacitive options, we can help you find the right sensors for your operation – all at competitive, affordable prices. Contact us today to learn more about all the sensor units you can find at Locon.