The Many Varieties of Pressure Capable Inductive Sensors

Pressure capable inductive sensors can come in all shapes and sizes. As a long-time licensed distributor for Contrinex product, Locon features Contrinex’s line of pressure capable sensors – high-pressure, extra pressure, and extreme inductive sensors. Here we detail what these sensors are capable of, as well as the difference between the three:

High-Pressure Inductive SensorsHigh Pressure Inductive Sensors from Locon

High-pressure inductive sensors are suitable for applications with exposure to pressure up to 1000 bar peak pressure. They can successfully operate in this amount of pressure while also operating under temperatures as high as 100 degrees Celsius. Available in metal housing or stainless-steel, high-pressure sensors also feature an IO-Link interface for ease of use.

Extra Pressure Inductive Sensors

Extra pressure inductive sensors provide accurate presence- and position-sensing in applications with pressures up to 200 bar. With sizes ranging from ø3 to M8, they are among the smallest type of pressure capable sensors. Their combination of stainless-steel and ceramic make them an extremely dependable option for inductive sensors.

Extreme Inductive Sensors

Extreme inductive sensors, as their name suggests, can work under extreme conditions such as prolonged exposure to water, corrosive elements, and, of course, higher amounts of pressure. Pressure-resistant up to 80 bar, they are designed to protect internal components to maintain stable function in demanding circumstances. They have an IP rating of IP68/69K, meaning they have a higher tolerance than most standard units.

Locon Sensor Systems can help you select the sensor to best fit your application, we also offer customized sensors as an option to consider for a more tailored solution. Contact us today to learn more.