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Locon Sensor Systems and Kriz: A Partnership for Success

Locon Sensor Systems Inc. is excited to announce that it is now a premier distributor of Kriz products in the United States. Kriz is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-temperature inductive sensors and sensor solutions, and we are thrilled to be able to offer their products to our customers. This means that we have access to… Read more »

The Benefits of an Inductive Proximity Sensor

Basic - Cylindrical and Cubic Housings

Many manufacturers in the automotive industry and other automated facilities require non-contact presence detection to assist in safely and accurately changing tools in presses. To do so, these manufacturers rely on various solutions. One approach is to use an inductive proximity sensor. For example, when used on a tool-press, the sensor detects the top and… Read more »

The Best Sensors for the Food and Beverage Industry

Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors

When we bite into a sandwich or drink a glass of milk, we assume that our food was properly processed. To ensure that this is the case, many food and beverage facilities take extra precautions in packaging their products and maintaining a clean facility environment. One way they do so is by employing sensors—specifically photoelectric… Read more »

What Are Basic Inductive Sensors?

Basic - Cylindrical and Cubic Housings

Some projects require specialized or customized sensors to meet the challenging demands of very specific application concerns.  Locon provides these solutions.  But, sometimes you don’t need a specialized part to get the job done. All you need is a standard, run-of-the-mill sensor. The line of basic inductive sensors does just that. Efficient and reliable, basic… Read more »

The Many Varieties of Pressure Capable Inductive Sensors

High Pressure Inductive Sensors

Pressure capable inductive sensors can come in all shapes and sizes. As a long-time licensed distributor for Contrinex product, Locon features Contrinex’s line of pressure capable sensors – high-pressure, extra pressure, and extreme inductive sensors. Here we detail what these sensors are capable of, as well as the difference between the three: High-Pressure Inductive Sensors… Read more »

The Different Types of Cubic Inductive Sensors

Miniature Inductive Sensors

In past blog posts, we have focused on the cubic photoelectric sensor—a sensor that uses LED light to determine the absence of an object—but in this post we turn our attention to its cousin, the cubic inductive sensor. This type of sensor, unlike the photoelectric sensor, uses electromagnetic induction to detect the presence of a… Read more »

Revolutionary Protection for Inductive Sensors

Inductive Cylindrical And Cubic Sensors

For many industries, their machines work under highly demanding environments. That’s why they need sensors that can reliably perform under challenging circumstances. By using ceramic coating, a new range of weld-immune inductive sensors offer to do just that.   What are inductive sensors? Inductive sensors are used to detect the presence of a metallic object. Vacuum-sealed… Read more »

Contrinex Adds New Product to Classics Line of Inductive Sensors

Cubic Photoelectric Sensors

Looking for a versatile inductive sensor with an extended operating distance? Recently, Contrinex announced a new addition to its popular Classics line of M30 inductive proximity sensors that might be ideal for your needs. With a 25mm maximum sensing distance, this sensor has the greatest operating distance of any product in the Contrinex Classics family. … Read more »

No Space is Too Small for These Miniature Sensor Units

No Space is Too Small for These Miniature Sensor Units

Even the largest manufacturing plants rely on small, specialized machines to function effectively. In fact, the more complex your operation becomes, the more likely you are to struggle with size and space restrictions. Tool and die makers, CNC machines and advanced robotics are especially prone to these limitations. Fortunately, we have a number of types… Read more »

How Inductive Sensors Ensure Workpiece Carriers Stay In Position

Inductive Sensors for a Safer Workplace

Inductive sensors check the presence and position of workpiece carriers. In an automotive assembly line, for instance, these sensors prove to be invaluable to the lift and transfer process. When cylinder heads get transferred to another line for mounting on an auto engine, the workpiece gets lifted from one carrier to another– inductive sensors fitted… Read more »