Contrinex Adds New Product to Classics Line of Inductive Sensors

Looking for a versatile inductive sensor with an extended operating distance? Recently, Contrinex announced a new addition to its popular Classics line of M30 inductive proximity sensors that might be ideal for your needs. With a 25mm maximum sensing distance, this sensor has the greatest operating distance of any product in the Contrinex Classics family.  As a long-time, licensed distributor for all Contrinex product lines, Locon Sensors is pleased to offer this product to our customers.

In addition to its extended sensing distance, Contrinex’s new inductive proximity sensor offers a number of other attractive benefits as well.

First and foremost, these sensors offer IO-Link connectivity at no extra cost to consumers. This industry-standard connection allows the sensors to be easily integrated into plant-wide control systems that manage and maintain all the sensing equipment in a manufacturing or packaging operation. IO-Link connectivity makes these sensors particularly well-suited for businesses in the textile and automotive industries.

In addition to their applications in industrial settings, extended-range M30 inductive sensors are also popular options for elevators and escalators. Thanks to their nickel-plated brass housings and vacuum-sealed electronics, these sensors can operate reliably even in harsh, high-traffic environments.

If the extended-range M30 inductive sensors from Contrinex aren’t quite what you’re looking for, we offer a variety of affordable, effective alternatives. We can even work with you to design a custom sensor solution to accommodate the unique demands of your business. From high-temperature inductive sensors to miniature capacitive options, you can find a diverse selection of sensor products right here at Locon. Just give us a call or contact us online today to speak with a representative!