These Rugged Sensors Are Ideal for Harsh Environments

When the mechanical components of your operation are regularly exposed to moisture, extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals, you need sensing equipment that is capable of standing up to some serious wear and tear. That’s why we offer a number of rugged sensors that are designed specifically for use in harsh operating environments.

Let’s start by looking at the washdown inductive sensors from Contrinex.

These sensors were originally designed to be used in dairy product processing, but they can be used in many other operations where metal-based components are regularly exposed to liquids as well. In the context of dairy processing, these sensors monitor control valves to prevent cross-contamination between cleaning products and raw milk. They can be easily integrated into a plant-wide control system to provide real-time feedback and ensure food safety standards are upheld throughout the processing and cleaning procedures.

Not in the market for inductive sensors? We also offer our own line of rugged photoelectric sensors.

When we say these heavy-duty sensors are for universal use, we’re not kidding. They perform consistently in environments containing moisture and dirt, and operate effectively in a wide range of temperatures when paired with one of our fiber optic cables. Photoelectric sensors are also capable of detecting transparent objects that other types of sensors might fail to recognize. This makes them great options for a variety of food processing, bottling and agricultural applications.

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