Tips for Selecting The Right Inductive Sensor

Locon Sensor Systems Inc. has an extensive selection of Contrinex inductive sensors that serve as the perfect choice for detecting metallic targets up to 65mm away. Let’s take an in-depth look at our list of sensor options to determine which is the ideal fit for your application.  We offer vacuum-sealed electronics and metal housings designed to protect against shock, vibrations, dirt, and moisture – which means you can use these sensors reliably under a variety of conditions.

Please note, Condist® oscillator circuitry and all-metal construction, along with Condet® technology, allow for impressive operating distances and revolutionary performance. Now let’s take a look the different groupings of sensors.

Standard inductive sensors are renowned for their unsurpassed dependability, precision, and durability. Best-in-class sensing distances make the sensors unique and accurate. Available in sizes M8 to M30, the sensors are ideal for position sensing applications for a myriad of industries and purposes.

Miniature inductive sensors are perfect for the small spaces. Robotic positioning and mechanism control sensing in limited spaces need miniature sensors that fit accordingly. We inventory a line of the smallest inductive sensors on the market to best serve our customers.

These sensors will survive in the toughest environments. Abrasive industry chemicals won’t corrode the sensors, as they’re watertight and designed to survive the roughest conditions.

These sensors operate consistently in depths up to 1000 meters. Sensors work differently when submerged, and these are designed with stainless-steel housing and sapphire-glass sensing faces to perform exceptionally underwater.

Extreme temperature sensors offer the ideal sensing solutions for applications and processes up to 180°C, 230°C with the use of external electronics. Whereas normal sensors would be damaged in this kind of heat, these sensors survive and offer precise, reliable operation.

These give engineers a reliable, highly precise means of detecting the position of an object. The best temperature stability and a measurement range of 40mm make this ideal for measuring linear and angular positions.

These tough sensors are ideal for the hostile working environments, often found in automotive factories and welding plants. These sensors can come in direct contact with weld splatter and other substances and be easily cleaned, while still performing at their best.

Keep in mind, we can customize sensors to your suit your individual needs and specifications.  Regardless of how demanding the environment it is, Locon Sensor Systems can provide you with the sensor solution you need, either by designing and manufacturing a new sensor tailored to your needs, or by adapting an existing sensor that better correlates with your current needs.

Locon Sensor Systems has been servicing clients in a wide array of industries for many years.  If you would like to learn more about the assortment of inductive sensors we have in stock, or if you would like to discuss customizing a sensor to suit the conditions of a particular environment, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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