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Get Acquainted With Locon’s New Website

Inductive Sensors for Vehicle Manufacturers

It’s been a busy couple of months here at Locon Sensor Systems! In addition to developing innovative sensor solutions for our clients, we’ve also been redesigning our website from the ground up to improve your user experience and provide updated information. With its new navigation scheme, users can easily browse all of our sensor options… Read more »

Improve Your Welding System With Weld-Immune Sensors

Improving Welding System With Weld-Immune Sensors

In the old days, when industrial processes were done by hand, the process was slow, arduous, and prone to human error. These days though, machines are quite sophisticated and able to get jobs done that were previously unthinkable. The reason of course is due to advancements in technology. When objects such as automobiles are assembled… Read more »


We offer glass fiber optic cables in both thru-beam and reflex configurations for use with our FMS series photoelectric sensors.  Not only do they partner well with our standard series of universal heavy duty M18 and M30 photoelectric sensors, the fiber optics provide flexibility, a small diameter, and are ideal for high-temperature applications, accommodating up… Read more »


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