Inductive Proximity Sensors Are Used In Many Environments

Locon Sensor Systems offers a variety of inductive proximity sensors in several sizes, from 3mm to M30. Featuring cylindrical housings, these popular sensor switches are available in 3-wire DC, PNP and NPN versions, with cables or connectors, while some are also available in 2-wire models (for 20… 265 VAC, or 20… 320 VDC).

Inductive proximity sensors are used for non-contact detection of metallic targets– they generate an electromagnetic field, which is then weakened and slowed down by a metal target.

Because Locon’s inductive proximity sensors are vacuum-encapsulated electronics with metal housings, they’re protected against elements that may inhibit performance, such as shock, vibration, dust, dirt and moisture. Indeed, inductive proximity sensors ignore water, as well as oil and non-metallic particles, making them ideal for practical, industrial applications. Companies often buy Locon’s short-circuit resistant inductive proximity sensors for use as industrial limit switches, position switches, and counting devices.

Other applications for inductive proximity sensors include use on forklift trucks, monitoring component position within hydraulic machines, and for industries that mold plastic parts. These are just a few of the many examples of how inductive proximity sensors can be used.

As well, please keep in mind that Locon Sensor Systems designs and manufactures custom inductive proximity sensors that are tailored to suit the individual needs and specifications of a particular client.

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