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The Benefits of an Inductive Proximity Sensor

Basic - Cylindrical and Cubic Housings

Many manufacturers in the automotive industry and other automated facilities require non-contact presence detection to assist in safely and accurately changing tools in presses. To do so, these manufacturers rely on various solutions. One approach is to use an inductive proximity sensor. For example, when used on a tool-press, the sensor detects the top and… Read more »

How Inductive Sensors Help Vehicle Manufacturers

Inductive Sensors for Vehicle Manufacturers

Sensors continue to make a dynamic impact on the world around us, as they’re used in a variety of ways. For instance, a manufacturer of utility vehicles uses inductive sensing to identify the model of each chassis as it’s received in their local body shop. A utility vehicle is lifted onto the line using pulleys… Read more »

Reduce Setup Times With Inductive Proximity Sensors

Better Efficiency with Inductive Proximity Sensors

To make certain of tool closure, it’s a good idea to utilize inductive proximity sensors. When machinery is operating, you want it to work flawlessly so you don’t have any downtime, mistakes, or problems. Inductive proximity sensors help to ensure a tool-press is completely closed before molding tools are changed. The sensors monitor the machinery… Read more »

Inductive Proximity Sensors Are Used In Many Environments

Environments that Inductive Proximity Sensors are Used

Locon Sensor Systems offers a variety of inductive proximity sensors in several sizes, from 3mm to M30. Featuring cylindrical housings, these popular sensor switches are available in 3-wire DC, PNP and NPN versions, with cables or connectors, while some are also available in 2-wire models (for 20… 265 VAC, or 20… 320 VDC). Inductive proximity… Read more »