Reduce Setup Times With Inductive Proximity Sensors

To make certain of tool closure, it’s a good idea to utilize inductive proximity sensors.

When machinery is operating, you want it to work flawlessly so you don’t have any downtime, mistakes, or problems. Inductive proximity sensors help to ensure a tool-press is completely closed before molding tools are changed. The sensors monitor the machinery at all times, conveying the targets are positioned as intended.

Automated hydraulic presses, used in a variety of industries, include rams that hold the upper tool half in position as they press down on the lower half. Changing tools typically involves the upper tool half detaching from the ram, then putting it into the lower half, with the pair sliding out of the press. The pair needs to be perfectly aligned to avoid damage or downtime.

Locon Sensor Systems sells inductive proximity sensors which can be mounted on your tool press housing in order to accurately release the upper tool half when the tool is both fully and correctly closed.

Inductive sensors are able to function reliably in a wide range of conditions and environments.  Locon Sensor Systems has several sensors available for different conditions, including basic models, mini sensors and sensors for extreme environments. With a team of engineers able to customize your sensor to the unique needs of your business, contact Locon Sensor Systems at 800-356-2661 to discuss your specific requirements.