The Versatility and Effectiveness of Miniature Capacitives

Locon Sensor Systems, Inc. of Perrysburg, Ohio makes miniature capacitives for industrial use. These capacitives can assist in the control and monitoring of machine processes. They can also act as primary detectors for counting jobs.   Locon’s mini capacitives are convenient because they’re so small, ranging in diameter from 4mm for cylindrical sensors (available in… Read more »

Information About High Temperature Inductive Sensors

Incorporating the right type of sensor in your application is key in creating an efficient and reliable process.  Locon Sensor Systems Inc.’s series of high temperature inductive sensors provide a solution to applications challenged by high heat conditions.   As such, they are sensor of choice for many businesses.   Let’s take a closer look at… Read more »

Why Photoelectric Sensors can Fit a Variety of Needs

At Locon Sensor Systems, we specialize in providing different sensing technologies to best suit your unique application needs – a small space, high-temp, or difficult environmental conditions.   Photoelectric sensors can be used in a variety of applications.  This technology involves cooperation between a sender and receiver. The sender emits an infrared beam targeted towards… Read more »


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