Finding Sensors for Harsh Environments

One of the issues that many of our new clients face is finding sensors for their applications that will thrive in what we call “harsh environments.” After all, it’s tough to find anything that will consistently work in extreme temperatures. Locon Sensor Systems designs and distributes sensors that are uniquely built to endure harsh environmental… Read more »

Improve Your Welding System With Weld-Immune Sensors

In the old days, when industrial processes were done by hand, the process was slow, arduous, and prone to human error. These days though, machines are quite sophisticated and able to get jobs done that were previously unthinkable. The reason of course is due to advancements in technology. When objects such as automobiles are assembled… Read more »

Miniature Photoelectric Sensors are Ideal for Conveyor Systems

Often times, it’s easy to forget how much technology simplifies our lives. This is not just true for individuals; it’s true for businesses as well, as certain technologies and systems can simplify operations and make companies more efficient. Conveyor systems are a wonderful example of how technology can help companies become more productive, and help… Read more »

Locon Sensor Systems Sells “Revolutionary” Products

Locon Sensor Systems is a proud distributor of Contrinex products, and the world will soon find out what we’ve always known: Contrinex is a reliable and innovative manufacturer of inductive, capacitive and photoelectric sensors used in a variety of applications. So how will the rest of the world find out? Well, we are pleased to… Read more »

Advantages of Using High Temperature Capacitives

A company tenet of Locon Sensor Systems Inc. is to provide our customers with the sensing technology that best suits their specific and unique needs. As such, we offer a vast selection of capacitive sensors, and provide clients with the opportunity to have our engineering and production teams design a custom solution for their company…. Read more »

Finding the Right Photoelectric Sensor

Locon Sensor Systems, Inc. offers a variety of photoelectric sensor options to ensure we have something to suit your range of application needs.  What’s more, we can also custom design sensors to make sure it’s built to your exact specifications. That said, let’s take a look at the different options we offer, and discuss a… Read more »

MiniMini M4 Inductive Sensors

Size and space are common roadblocks when it comes to placing inductive sensors in their ideal positions. For these tight spaces and hard to operate areas, we have an ideal solution – the new Contrinex model, MiniMini M4 Inductive Sensor (Threaded). The best part about the miniature inductive sensors from Contrinex is that they’re the… Read more »

Tips for Selecting The Right Inductive Sensor

Locon Sensor Systems Inc. has an extensive selection of Contrinex inductive sensors that serve as the perfect choice for detecting metallic targets up to 65mm away. Let’s take an in-depth look at our list of sensor options to determine which is the ideal fit for your application.  We offer vacuum-sealed electronics and metal housings designed… Read more »

How High Pressure Proximity Sensors Can Help Your Business

Used in an array of industries, inductive sensors provide presence detection in problematic environments coping with dust, dirt, oil and other unwanted substances.  The sensors feature a metal shell and special configurations that protect against debris, detect metals without contact and they’re short-circuit protected.  Notably, the sensors can function in harsh environments, functioning reliably even… Read more »


We offer glass fiber optic cables in both thru-beam and reflex configurations for use with our FMS series photoelectric sensors.  Not only do they partner well with our standard series of universal heavy duty M18 and M30 photoelectric sensors, the fiber optics provide flexibility, a small diameter, and are ideal for high-temperature applications, accommodating up… Read more »